Story Scouting for the RNLI’s daily podcast series ///

2024 marks the RNLI’s 200th birthday. To commemorate this, I helped to unearth a rich variety of stories for the charity’s mammoth series, 200 Voices.

Tasks: outlining narratives, interviewing some of the candidates, and writing hooks and show notes. Listen below to the episodes for visual artist Sophie Dixon, music composer Jon Nicholls, film-maker Shona Thomson and author Joseph Conrad. Or hear all episodes here. Series produced by Adventurous Audio. Soundtrack by John Nicholls.

Episode 21. Sophie Dixon on the People’s Darling
Visual artist Sophie Dixon on a Northumberland heroine and the film she inspired 

Mobile phone displaying Sophie Dixon's RNLI 200 Voices podcast episode artwork, alongside still from her film, Grace

Stills from Sophie's film 'Grace' alongside a photo of the interior of the Grace Darling Museum

***** 'This is a beautiful, moving and humbling set of stories, I have cried, and at times laughed, and I'm filled with even more admiration for the selfless men and women that make up this amazing organization. Magnificent, thank you.'
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Dr. James A Slipszenko

Episode 199. Home and Dry: Jon Nicholls 
200 Voices might be a podcast, but when the composer of the theme music created the soundtrack, it was a movie that played in his head

Episode 160. It Takes a Village 
The creator of Launch! – a film about Scotland’s RNLI lifeboat crews – on why sound was key to portraying what lifeboat stations mean to local communities

Episode 142. Joseph Conrad: Hearts of Kindness 
In 1923, Joseph Conrad wrote the foreword for Britain’s Life-Boats: The Story of a Century of Heroic Service. Toby Harper shares the author’s thoughts

After dusting off a letter found in the archives, I cast and directed the voiceover for this episode – thanks to Toby Harper for bringing Conrad’s words to life:

Joseph Conrad's podcast episode displayed on a tablet
Cover from the RNLI's Lifeboat magazine alongside an article announcing the 200 Voices podcast series

To announce the series I wrote the article that appeared in Lifeboat magazine