SEAT microsite for UEFA Europa League


James Alexander-Gordon was the voice of the football results for a generation. Here, he announces SEAT'S sponsorship of the UEFA Europa League. The radio part of the campaign went on to be shortlisted at Cannes.

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Founder of Blimpie


Tony Conza, founder of US sandwich chain, Blimpie, fronts all of the brand's advertising. And he's a natural. Tony claims that Blimpie's tuna subs are so good they speak for themselves. That's all the invitation we needed.

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A writing pad and pen


Lenor's visually led press campaign didn't lend itself to radio. So what would? Well, everyone knows that Lenor is good at softening stuff. But what if it could soften just about anything?

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SEAT Altea Majorca

SEAT Altea

A highly targeted brief this. SEAT wanted to get more women behind the wheel of its 200-horsepower Altea Majorca. Horsepower means girl power.

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LBC logo


How do you discover London's living legends? LBC presenters invite Londoners to nominate the folks behind the capital's favourite hangouts, supported by press and DM.

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SEAT Freetrack 4x4

SEAT Freetrack

TV, press, radio and brochures invite you to enjoy the greatest show on Earth: Earth. For that you'll be needing SEAT's 4x4, the Altea Freetrack.

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Bob from PeopleFirst asks customers to explain how easy it is to buy a new car when you have a blank cheque. But glowing testimonials are so 20th century. Testimonials gone wrong are far more interesting.

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O2 Business microsite


Sean Bean borrows from Derren Brown and catches our ears and minds with a magician's hook to tell us how easy it is to use O2 Business Zones.

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teddybear on bed


SEAT's Electronic Brake Assist ensures that you stop when you are supposed to. This campaign illustrates the point with a different take on road safety.

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