Softened by Lenor

THE CHALLENGE: Lenor’s visually led press campaign, brilliant though it was, didn’t lend itself to radio. So what would? Well, everyone knows that Lenor is good at softening stuff. But what if it could soften just about anything? The campaign was expertly mixed by the engineers at Redback.

As the letter-writer, Sarah Davison fools the listener by expertly managing the slow and delicate transition from lip-quivering sadness at the start to an almost-chirpy sign-off. The engineer at Redback added the finishing touch with the chime of the grandfather clock, which provides perfect punctuation.

To really put the listener inside an angry football dressing room, the football manager had to be Scottish. An angry Spaniard or Chilean just wouldn’t have been the same. The excellent Ewan Watson nails the VO, sounding all-too real. Whilst the soothing Lenor-like balm of the end VO comes courtesy of Brendan Price.

Inspiration for ‘Boot Camp’ came from a favourite episode of Blackadder – the one with a firing squad led by the brilliant Steve Frost. The versatile Ewan Watson (yes, him again) effortlessly pulls off a similar joviality here, resulting in the most unlikely of Sergeant Majors.