Football from a whole new perspective

What if it were possible to capture the energy of 75,000 football fans? Using innovative 3D sound-mapping technology, Siemens does just that

As a provider of much of the technology behind smart cities, Siemens wanted to demonstrate the power of data with an interactive ‘data documentary’. To showcase the insights that data can surface, Siemens did something that had never been done before – bottle and measure the vocal support of 75,000 football fans. By combining an acoustic 3D recording of Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena on matchday with millimetre-accurate laser scans of the stadium, Siemens was able to locate sound sources, identify hotspots, and gather data that had previously remained invisible. 

Allianz Arena and 360 degree mic

The data captured across five matches reveals everything from fans’ reactions to key moments in the game to the most supported players. It also reveals trends between the matches analysed, and even the Social Ripple effect – how global Twitter activity echoes the energy emanating from the stadium. 

Siemens reimagine the game microsite

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