City soundtracks – New York & Berlin

Can a city have a soundtrack all its own? Of course it can. Turn up the volume and wander the streets of New York and Berlin.

We always try to tune out the noise around us. But if you don’t, maybe it will inspire you. So starts this brilliantly mixed spot for Audio Technica. Directed by Chris Shimojima.

In the ears of DJ Andrew Claristidge, Berlin has a very different personality. More industrial. More futuristic. Almost a bit Blade Runnery. Commissioned by Siemens as part of the company’s Smart Cities initiative, Andrew captured the sounds of the city as inspiration for a unique track. 

The final mix represents the movement, throb and flow of an eclectic city.

In another audio first, Siemens demonstrates its Smart Cities expertise by capturing and visualising the passionate, vocal support generated by 75,000 Bayern Munich fans. Rumble & Thunder was asked to write the story of how Siemens reimagined the game.