Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Story Scouting for the RNLI’s daily podcast series ///    

By 2024, the RNLI will have been saving lives at sea for 200 years. To commemorate this, I have the privilege of unearthing a rich variety of stories for the RNLI’s mammoth podcast series, 200 Voices.

RNLI lifeboat in Trafalgar Square, surrounded by crowd, 1924

200 episodes will be released – one a day – in the run-up to the RNLI’s bicentenary in 2024. The series salutes the courage of lifesavers past and present, some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice.

RNLI 200 Voices podcast artwork for Sophie Dixon episode as viewed on mobile phone

It celebrates the fundraisers who give up their time to ensure that the charity can go on saving lives. And it looks ahead, revealing how tech and innovation are making the RNLI fit for the future.

Hear from the rookie volunteer thrown into a 24-hour rescue on his first time out. The crew member called away from her own wedding. And the sailor who overcomes cerebral palsy to raise crucial funds.


The audio sting (above) combines elements such as crew shouts and radio static to immerse listeners into the world of volunteers about to launch. Mixed by Richard Adams at the RNLI.

Hear the trailer below. Listen to the episodes for film-maker Sophie Dixon, artist Kurt Jackson and RNLI Heritage Officer Joanna Bellis on the Campaigns page here. Or listen to the full series.

The series is produced by Adventurous Audio. Series soundtrack composed and performed by Jon Nicholls.

Charity ads needn’t always be sombre

International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals deals with some seriously sad cases. But a fundraising yoga class provided the opportunity to strike a lighter tone. Who says charity can’t be cheerful?

The year sanity prevailed: T’s&C’s guidelines relaxed

It may not be quite up there with Nelson Mandela being released from prison after 27 years, but the new rulings regarding radio advertising Terms & Conditions were long overdue.

City soundtracks – New York & Berlin

Can a city have a soundtrack all its own? Of course it can. Turn up the volume and wander the streets of New York and Berlin.

Painting with sound

Great work that shows how smart cities and a 3D soundscape can transform the lives of those with sight loss. Hats off to Microsoft, Guide Dogs and Future Cities Catapult.

When sound is the cavalry | part 2

With TV idents booked and the whistle about to blow on the start of the UEFA Europa League season, sponsors SEAT had only generic – and silent – driving footage to air. What was needed was some audio ‘glue’. 

When sound is the cavalry

You don’t always have the luxury of a shoot. When that happens, sound design can save the day. In this retrospective, it’s the audio that lends new meaning to stock footage.